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Photoshop Online lets you edit photos, apply effects, and filters, add text, and crop or resize pictures. Do Online Photo Editing in your browser for free!

Online Photoshop – Online Free Photoshop 2023 | Photo Editor

Photoshop Online
Online Photo Editor for Everyone:
Photoshop Online Free lets you edit photos, apply effects, and filters, add text, and crop or resize pictures. Do Online Photo Editing in your browser for free!

Even thought of using any photo editing tool without keeping them on your PC? It’s not possible because there is a Free Photoshop named Photopea.

Photopea Online is also known as photoshop online free. Here you will find almost every feature of Photoshop and fortune it is completely free. In this article, I will make you more familiar with this Free Online Photoshop.

What is Online Photoshop?

online photoshop editor an online version of Photoshop. It’s an advanced photo editor and anyone can use it who has online access. The software won’t consume any additional space on your hard disk.

The software is capable of working with vector and raster images. Aside from that, it supports different formats including JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PDF, EPS, etc.

Another advantageous thing is you can convert among different formats. For that, you don’t need to struggle. You will find individual options and just a few clicks will do the rest.

Moreover, you can change the transparency, color, size, and other facts. You can also create animated GIFs from the image using Photoshop.

That’s not all. You can also execute other photo editing tasks such as background removal, clipping path, transparent background, and others using Free Photo soft.

Well, I think there is a lot more to learn about the features. So, we are going to talk about the key features in the next segment.

Popular Features of Online Photo Editor

As I mentioned, Photopia, which you can also refer to as an online photoshop editor with a good quantity of features. Some highlighted features are-

Don’t Need Many Storages: In this Photoshop-like editor, you don’t need to think about the storage much for the software files.

No Installation Is Needed: With this photo editor, you don’t have to install anything on your device. You just have to choose your favorite photos and go to the Photopia website. Then you can edit photos online for free without downloading or installing anything.

Way Faster: Photopia is much faster than Photoshop or any other such photo editor. You will have a smooth editing experience will whichever device you have.

Free: Photopea is a free editor that gives you unlimited access to editing.

Very User-Friendly: The interface of the editor is super user-friendly. You will have everything that you will need for editing beside your hand.

Key Features of Free Online Photoshop

Though Photopea is a very convenient and straightforward website that supports all types of photos for edit, these are some mandatory things that are required to do the editing on it.

Stable Internet Connection: Since it is an online photo editor it is obvious that it will require good internet connectivity.

An Internet-accessible Device Is Required: You cannot edit this online free photoshop if your device is not accessible via the internet or doesn’t have any browser in it.

Standard Display: Though it can be accessed from any compatible device, you should be aware that editing cannot be perfect with smaller screen devices.

How to Edit Photos on Free Online Photoshop?

If you ever used Photoshop or any similar type of photo editor, then using Photopea is very easy and simple. Follow these simple steps to use this magnificent online photo editor correctly.

Properly Run the Device: At first, turn on your Pc, laptop, or smartphone which you want to use for editing your photo. Make sure that the device runs properly without any issue.

Go to The Website: Now open your favorite browser(Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari is Recommended) and go to the website and than click Start Editing: >>

start editing

Upload Your Photo: When you visit the website, you will see a photoshop-like interface. Press a New File or existing one to add photos on the website which you want to edit.

New File Create

Edit Your Photo with The Tools: The next steps are simple and similar to any other editors in the market. You have to edit your photo or photos according to your demand by using photoshop tools.

Edit Your Photo on Photopea

Export and Save the File as You Want: After fully completing your editing with the photo, you can export the photo in PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, or many other formats and Save it. You have all options that you may need to represent your photos as you want.

Export on Your Editing Photo

Use Online Photoshop for free without Download

So, most photo editing tools require software. But online photoshop is different. Here you don’t need to download the software.

Just go to the official website of Free Photosoft. There you’ll find all the functions and free photo tools of Photoshop. And here the best thing is you won’t have to go through any registration process to use online Photoshop.

Website shortcut Bookmark

Just to the browser and look for the star sign in the search bar. There you’ll find it at the right corner of the search bar. Click the Star or right-side Bookmark Button sign and the site will be bookmarked.

Using Photoshop on the Web

Another thing you can do is you can install the site on your browser. To do so, first, go to the link and look for a download sign over a Desktop icon. You will find it on the right side of the search bar.

Click the button and a notification will appear. Click install and you will find it opening a whole different tab style window. Plus. You will get a shortcut to the site on the desktop.

What are the Keyboard Shortcut in Online Photoshop?

Photopea comes with a good number of shortcuts to save time and make your task easier for you. I think everyone should know the shortcuts of Photopea. Here, get a view of them.

Tools NameKeyboard Shortcut
Move Tool / Artboart toolV
Rectangular select Tool / Elliptical select ToolM
Lasso Tool / Polygonal Lasso Tool / Magnetic Lasso Tool / Magnetic Lasso ToolL
Quick Selection Tool / Magic Wand Tool / Object selectionW
Eyedropper Tool / Ruler ToolI
Crop Tool / Slice Select Tool / Perspective Crop Tool / Slice ToolC
Spot Healing Brush Tool / Healing Brush Tool / Patch Tool / Content-Aware Move / Red Eye ToolJ
Brush Tool / Pencil Tool / Color Replacement ToolB
Clone Stamp ToolS
Eraser Tool / Background Eraser ToolE
Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket ToolG
Dodge Tool / Burn Tool / Sponge ToolO
Pen Tool / Freeform Pen ToolP
Type Tool / Vertical Type ToolT
Path Selection Tool / Direct Selection ToolA
Rectangle Tool / Ellipse Tool / Polygon Tool/ Line Tool / Custom Shape ToolU
Hand ToolH Or press Space bar
Zoom ToolZ
Default Foreground/Background ColorsD
Switch Foreground/Background ColorsX
Decrease Brush Size[
Increase Brush Size]

Quick Tools Press to Enable, Release to Disable

File Tool nameSortcuts
OpenCtrl + O
SaveCtrl + S
Save as PSDShift + Ctrl + O
Export asalt + Shift + Ctrl + O
Edit Tool nameShortcuts
Step ForwardShift + Ctrl + Z
Step BackwardCtrl + Z
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + v
Filealt + Backspace
Free Transformalt + Ctrl + T
PreferencesCtrl + K
levelsCtrl + L
CurvesCtrl + M
Hue/saturationCtrl + U
InvertCtrl + I
New LayerShift + Ctrl + N
Layer Vai CopyCtrl + J
Clipping Maskalt + Ctrl + G
Merge DownCtrl + E
AllCtrl + A
DeselectCtrl +D
InverseShift + Ctrl + I
Zome inCtrl + +
Zome outCtrl + –
RulersCtrl + R
GuidesCtrl + :
GridCtrl + ‘

Do you Need to Use Photo Editing Software?

If you are positive about this then this Photo Pea online editing program will help you. It’s an advanced photo editor and a better substitute for photoshop online free. There are many formats available including PSD / XCL, and XD / CDR. You may also create raster and vector images. In appearance, it looks very similar to Adobes proprietary application for photo editing. It has free and premium versions as well as downloadable free versions which are easy to download and install. This image editing tool does not need to be installed as it is compatible with almost any browser if necessary.

FAQs of Free Online Photoshop

Can I use Photoshop online?

Answer: Yes, Photoshop is now available online and you can get the service easily without costing any penny. Besides, it is kind of a remote working system. You can edit anytime, anywhere using online photoshop.

Is Photoshop online free?

Answer: In 2018 Photoshop’s price started from $117. You can buy photoshop in the monthly and yearly packages. But one thing that may make you happy that is Photoshop online is completely free.

Can I buy Photoshop permanently?

Answer: Unfortunately NO you can’t. Photoshop has a few plans including monthly and yearly. There is no life or permanent plans. So you can’t buy it for a lifetime.

How can I edit photos free online?

Answer: You can visit and then open the editing tool. Upload any image and you can crop, resize, focus, blur, filter, or anything you want. It will be better if you know the editing basics.

How much does Photoshop cost monthly?

Answer: Photoshop costs $20.99 per month. There is also a yearly plan but no lifetime deal available.

What can I use instead of Photoshop?

Answer: There are many online and offline editing tools. The first suggestion is to use our tool. Besides it, you can use Canva, GIMP, Acorn, and others. However, they may charge some extra cost but we are free.

Can I teach myself Photoshop?

Answer: First, I suggest getting help from an expert. If there is no opportunity then you can search YouTube for the best Photoshop courses.


Photos are not only images of someone or something, it is the memories that you make at that moment. These are a journey to the past but without a time machine! Give these amusing pictures a new life with excellent editing via Photopia. This is more fun and simple to use than any other existing online photo editor. It gives many more pleasing results than most local editors. Moreover, you can fully use it without any cost.

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