List of Photopea Online Free Keyboard Shortcuts?

keyboard shortcuts photopea

Photopea Shortcurs Key comes with a good number of shortcuts to save time and make your task easier for you. I think everyone should know the shortcuts of Photopea. Here, get a view of them.

What are the Shortcuts in Online Photopea?

There are shortcuts in any working tool. They were created to support the fastest user work through keystrokes instead of using the mouse to move quite slowly.

And there are some programs that require keyboard shortcuts because they can’t be done with a mouse click. Such as graphic design software and image processing when using shortcuts Photopea as well as adobe photoshop.

List of keyboard shortcuts in Photopea

Tools NameKeyboard Shortcut
Move Tool / Artboart toolV
Rectangular select Tool / Elliptical select ToolM
Lasso Tool / Polygonal Lasso Tool / Magnetic Lasso Tool / Magnetic Lasso ToolL
Quick Selection Tool / Magic Wand Tool / Object selectionW
Eyedropper Tool / Ruler ToolI
Crop Tool / Slice Select Tool / Perspective Crop Tool / Slice ToolC
Spot Healing Brush Tool / Healing Brush Tool / Patch Tool / Content-Aware Move / Red Eye ToolJ
Brush Tool / Pencil Tool / Color Replacement ToolB
Clone Stamp ToolS
Eraser Tool / Background Eraser ToolE
Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket ToolG
Dodge Tool / Burn Tool / Sponge ToolO
Pen Tool / Freeform Pen ToolP
Type Tool / Vertical Type ToolT
Path Selection Tool / Direct Selection ToolA
Rectangle Tool / Ellipse Tool / Polygon Tool/ Line Tool / Custom Shape ToolU
Hand ToolH Or press Space bar
Zoom ToolZ
Default Foreground/Background ColorsD
Switch Foreground/Background ColorsX
Decrease Brush Size[
Increase Brush Size]

Quick Tools Press to Enable, Release to Disable

keyboard shortcuts adobe  photopea
keyboard shortcuts adobe photopea


Keyboard Shortcuts in Photopea is great, but our Photoshop classes and custom workbooks are the best way to take your skills to the next level!

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