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Photopea Online 2022

Photopea Online Photo Editor lets you edit photos, apply effects, filters, add text, crop or resize pictures.

Photopea Online – Free Web-based Photo Editor in 2023

photopea online

In this modern time when cameras are available on almost all smart devices including our beloved smartphones, taking photos is simplest than ever. But most of the time these images need some editing to be perfect and for many other reasons. An editor is an obvious necessity to do that.

Unfortunately, not all photoshop editors are good and powerful enough to edit your photos to a satisfactory level. Some even don’t give your enough flexibility. That’s where our super cool online photoshop editor- Photopea comes into action! With this perfect photo editor, you can edit all your favorite photos with no hassle.

What is Photopea online?

Photopea online is an alternative to Photoshop that is completely free and doesn’t require any download or installation. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Free Photopea Online Photo Editor

This is a modern and convenient way to give your photos a realistic modification or a perfect touch. Photopea, which is an online photoshop editor is widely flexible than the local photo editors. You can do all your editing with it. With it, you won’t need to stick with a computer or smartphone, or any other such devices. Your files are safe and secured even when your device is lost or dead. Moreover, Photopea totally works and depends on the website like a photoshop online version. You will find all your necessary and useful tools much handy with Photopia. You don’t need much editing software skills for using it and with some common knowledge, you can smoothly edit a photo like a master! So, use photoshop online for free without downloading with Photopia.

How Photopea Online works and its Main Features

  • RGB color space is used in the perfect color combination which is 8 bits.
  • Zoom tools are used for perfect portraits.
  • Moving views can be created in the picture, and some animations can be created. Makes the picture vibrate.
  • There are healing options that can be used to remove unpleasant objects in the image.
  • Support on any device and can be changed to any format.
  • Can be edited very quickly and easily.
  • Different texts can be added. Setter font style variations will be able to determine the user and size of the app
  • Popular for free online and has many types of huge editing options.

How to Create a New Project on free Photopea to Edit Photos?

By creating a photo project you can add a photo book, collage, etc. in professional style. You can easily sort the project by using different options in Photoshop. Now the question is how to create a new project in Photoshop. And that is very easy. It is highlighted below.

Step 1: First, enter the device and you will find a File >> New Project in the left-hand corner. You have to click it.

New File Create

Step 2: Clicking the New Project will give you the Hughes option.

Step 3: At the beginning of the option you will find a photo, slideshow, photo collage, photo print photo book, CD jacket, DBD jacket, etc.

New File Create

Step 4: Among these options, you can edit the project of your choice.

Edit Your Photo on Photopea

Step 5: You will get the option to save it in any format after project editing.

Export on Your Editing Photo

Step 6: If you save, the new project will be ready. If you want, you can print it.

How can I use Online Photopea?

Many people want to print their own picture exactly after editing the picture in Photopea. And to print this you have to follow the basic 3 ways. And it’s a very simple method that anyone can do very easily.

Step 1: First, press the file or image that you want to print

Step 2: After pressing the file, you will see an option called Export as.

Step 3: Export as PDF, click on the option.

It will be printed in this way The option to edit the PDF is no longer available. However, it is very rare so you shouldn’t do it.

What are the Keyboard Shortcut in Online Photopea?

Photopea comes with a good number of shortcuts to save time and make your task easier for you. I think everyone should know the shortcuts of Photopea. Here, get a view of them.

Tools NameKeyboard Shortcut
Move Tool / Artboart toolV
Rectangular select Tool / Elliptical select ToolM
Lasso Tool / Polygonal Lasso Tool / Magnetic Lasso Tool / Magnetic Lasso ToolL
Quick Selection Tool / Magic Wand Tool / Object selectionW
Eyedropper Tool / Ruler ToolI
Crop Tool / Slice Select Tool / Perspective Crop Tool / Slice ToolC
Spot Healing Brush Tool / Healing Brush Tool / Patch Tool / Content-Aware Move / Red Eye ToolJ
Brush Tool / Pencil Tool / Color Replacement ToolB
Clone Stamp ToolS
Eraser Tool / Background Eraser ToolE
Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket ToolG
Dodge Tool / Burn Tool / Sponge ToolO
Pen Tool / Freeform Pen ToolP
Type Tool / Vertical Type ToolT
Path Selection Tool / Direct Selection ToolA
Rectangle Tool / Ellipse Tool / Polygon Tool/ Line Tool / Custom Shape ToolU
Hand ToolH Or press Space bar
Zoom ToolZ
Default Foreground/Background ColorsD
Switch Foreground/Background ColorsX
Decrease Brush Size[
Increase Brush Size]

Quick Tools Press to Enable, Release to Disable

File Tool nameSortcuts
OpenCtrl + O
SaveCtrl + S
Save as PSDShift + Ctrl + O
Export asalt + Shift + Ctrl + O
Edit Tool nameshortcuts
Step ForwardShift + Ctrl + Z
Step BackwardCtrl + Z
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + v
Filealt + Backspace
Free Transformalt + Ctrl + T
PreferencesCtrl + K
levelsCtrl + L
CurvesCtrl + M
Hue/saturationCtrl + U
InvertCtrl + I
New LayerShift + Ctrl + N
Layer Vai CopyCtrl + J
Clipping Maskalt + Ctrl + G
Merge DownCtrl + E
AllCtrl + A
DeselectCtrl +D
InverseShift + Ctrl + I
Zome inCtrl + +
Zome outCtrl + –
RulersCtrl + R
GuidesCtrl + :
GridCtrl + ‘

Photopea Download and Install on PC

Unfortunately, it is an online photo editor. So, you can’t download it. But there are ways to save the editor to your browser.

Website shortcut Bookmark

Just to the browser and look for the star sign in the search bar. There you’ll find it at the right corner of the search bar. Click the star sign and the site will be bookmarked.

Using Photopea Online on the Web

Another thing you can do is you can install the site on your browser. To do so, first, go to the link and look for a download sign over a Desktop icon. You will find it on the right side of the search bar.

Click the button and a notification will appear, Install Photopea. Click install and you will find it opening a whole different tab style window. Plus. You will get a shortcut to the site on the desktop.

The advantage and disadvantages of Photopea online

Now, have a look at the advantages and drawbacks of Photopea.

Can be changed in different formats like PSD, JPJ, PNG, RAW, PDF, etc.There are some options available in premium which are not normally available.
All files are saved in RGB 8-bit.Powerful some image editing options are not available
Can be used on all types of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Chromebook ETC.It takes time to adapt to the interface.
provide fast loading facilities.You cannot switch from one format to another without clicking another format option.
No special browser plug-in is required.No
Huge opportunity to edit photos with various color combinations.No

Photopea Online Plan & Pricing

Account TypesFreePremium
All FeaturesYesYes
No AdsYesNo
Steps in historyNoYes (2x more steps in history)
GP Premium30 days90 days365 days
Single userBuy $ 9Buy $ 10Buy $ 40
Team of 5Buy $ 15Buy $ 30Buy $ 120
Team of 20Buy $ 50Buy $ 100Buy $ 400
Distributors Account30 days90 days365 days
1000 views /per monthBuy $ 40Buy $ 80Buy $ 300
5000 views/per monthBuy $ 100Buy $ 200Buy $ 700
20000 views/per monthBuy $ 200Buy $ 400Buy $ 1400

FAQs Photopea Online Photo Editor

Is Photopea the same as Photoshop?

Answer: No, they are slightly different in functions. But you can call it the same though it is an alternative. Photopea is the online alternative to Photoshop. It doesn’t need to bother by installing or downloading it. Wor faster with online Photoshop.

Is Photopea better than Photoshop?

Answer: Online Photoshop is hassle-free and costs no extra charge. Besides, it is quite simple to use. You don’t need to waste your time downloading or opening and waiting for minutes. If you have any basic idea then you can easily operate this software. So freelancers and designers get a lot of benefits using the online version.

Another great advantage is for the low-configured pc users. They get some additional benefits as it doesn’t require so high graphics as Photoshop does. Finally, online Photoshop lets you work remotely from any place in the world on any device. Ultimately it saves a lot of time for us.

Is it the same as Photoshop?

Answer: You can’t call Photopea and Photoshop the same. There are huge similarities but ultimately there are differences in features Photopea has limitations and can’t work purely smooth like Photoshop.

Is there an online version of Photoshop?

Answer: People think Photopea is the online version of Photoshop. It is kind of true but if you want a solid answer then I would call it a misconception. Photoshop is built with so many features. But Photopea lacks many things. However, a beginner can get this tool favorable.

Final Verdict

So, I guess you have got a clear view of the free photo editor online – Photopea. This free photoshop alternative is now widely popular and a great backup for Photoshop.

As a bonus, information must make you glad. You don’t need an overly-high configured PC to use Photopea. So, the beginners will get a huge advantage from this photoshop lite.

We have also added some FAQs and relevant parts. Hopefully, you have understood everything related to Photopea.

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