How to Edit PSD Files Photoshop Online in Photopea

how to edit psd file in photoshop

It is quite easy to edit a PSD file in free Online Photoshop. Here the difficulty of editing depends on the demo/previous PSD file.

A picture is an outstanding way to capture a memory. Various photo editing applications are used online to make it more attractive and colorful. Photos can be edited in Free Online Photoshop-like Expert Editors. If you follow some ways, you can download the app and edit photos online free by yourself. Background like mind in the picture, it is effective in improving the quality of the picture All these apps have various benefits to edit your photo. Try to highlight below all the benefits of free online Photoshop.

#1 Photos can be changed through online Photoshop with vector editing and graphics work. As a result, image editing can be done in different formats.

#2 Different layers have editing options. Which is available online in Photoshop. This layer editing works to increase the image resolution.

#3 Free online photoshop is very useful for photo editing to add different animations.

#4 Blur from rear object vanishing, in Photoshop to remove stains.

#5 There is a directly save option by editing the image. You can download and save it on your PC.

#6 Masks and Intelligent Objects are used for Slices, Coins, Shaping, Action with Color Adjustment, etc. All these are done through Free Online Photoshop.

However, let’s assume you are going to edit a book cover PSD file. Here for this, I am going to show you the steps. Following the steps, you will be able to edit it.

1. Now open your favorite browser(Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari is Recommended) and go to the website and than click Start Editing: >>

start editing

2. Then if you want to edit a completely new file then click on the PSD template. However, as you are going to edit a PSD file, you have to open the file.

To do so, click File from the top menu bar. Then click open and select the File you want to edit and open the PSD file online.

3. Now the book cover will appear and you can edit it from the Layer option on the right side.

Edit Your Photo on Photopea

4. There you will find different options such as title, subtitle, author name, background, etc. Just click on any elements and there you can edit the element specifically from the Layer.

5. Finally, when you are done with editing you can save it as a PSD file from file. If you want to save it in a different format then click File and click export as. Here you will find different options such as PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.

Export on Your Editing Photo

Click the desired format you want to save and other options will appear. I would suggest keeping it default and saving it.

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